ATHAG joins Unionbank’s ‘Tutok Kalusugan’

A participant experiences traditional Hilot at Unionbank's Tutok Kalusugan.
A participant experiences traditional Hilot at Unionbank’s Tutok Kalusugan.

Pasig City– On Sept. 28, 2013, the Association of Traditional Health Aid Givers, Inc. (ATHAG) was invited to join “Tutok Kalusugan,” Unionbank’s annual healthcare event for its employees held at Unionbank Plaza in Ortigas Center. Some 800 Unionbank personnel, including managers and other high-level executives, joined the healthcare fair, which featured a wide array of products and services geared towards health and wellness.

As one of the exhibitors, ATHAG offered 15-minute spot Hilot treatments, a variety of herbal teas, and copies of the book Hilot: The Science of the Ancient Filipino Healing Arts, by Dr. Bibiano S. Fajardo and Ma. Aleli V. Pansacola. They also had a variety of herbal soaps from Daila Herbal Community Enterprises and  promoted corporate packages at Nature Villa Banahaw.

Close to thirty individuals came to experience the healing benefits of ATHAG’s spot Hilot treatment, ably provided by ATHAG Hilot therapists Karen Marcelo, Jhen Dellosa, Marife Merlin, and Yolly Pedrigal. Clients came away very satisfied after their Hilot session, with one of them declaring it as “iba sa lahat” (different from all the others).

Hilot pilay

One of ATHAG’s most satisfied clients at Unionbank was a male technician in his early thirties, who was suffering from a painful sprain that he incurred from a fall. For almost two weeks already, his movements were constricted—while he was still reporting for work, he wasn’t able to raise his arm nor do any heavy lifting because of the pain.

Experienced Hilot therapist Karen Marcelo handled his case, skilfully probing for the affected nerve and gradually applying deep strokes toward the affected area.

“In the beginning it was really excruciating,” the relieved client reported after his Hilot session. This was confirmed by Marcelo, who noted that her client was close to tears when she first started doing Hilot. “Slowly, the pain became bearable, until it became minimal,” she added.

After only 15 minutesthe pain experienced by the technician had lessened considerably and he regained his ability to raise his arm, demonstrating the efficacy and healing benefits of Hilot, when it is done correctly and according to the principles of traditional Hilot. 

Marcelo explained that since healing is a process, additional Hilot sessions would be required for complete healing. But since it was just a day-long affair, the Hilot therapists of ATHAG were happy to have made a big difference in one man’s life, and brought health and wellness to many other employees of Unionbank.

If you would like to invite ATHAG, or experience traditional Hilot healing for yourself, please contact the Association of Traditional Health Aid Givers, Inc. (ATHAG) at   (0922)8844568 or (+632) 637 5154, or visit ATHAG’s office at 63 San Rafael St., Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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