Grandmas, mothers, and daughters learn traditional Hilot healing

Participants observe ATHAG Hilot Therapist Karisse Alzola demonstrating basic Hilot techniques.
Participants observe ATHAG Hilot Therapist Karisse Alzola demonstrating basic Hilot techniques.

PASIG CITY, Philippines- Ten women, brought together by a common interest in learning traditional Hilot healing, enthusiastically joined the crash course on the basics of traditional Hilot healing that ATHAG conducted in February and March 2014. The diverse group was composed of homemakers and ladies from different fields who wished to learn traditional Hilot so they could help their loved ones and friends overcome health issues, and also for themselves, so they would learn how to take care of their health the natural way.

During the course, the participants learned important concepts and principles underlying the practice of Hilot from ATHAG President and resident albularyo Dr. Bibiano “Boy” Fajardo.They learned how to detect imbalances in the body by using the age-old Hilot method of feeling the patient’s back, and how to address these imbalances using traditional Hilot and herbs. The women shared amusing and heartwarming experiences as they tried out their newly-learned Hilot skills on family and friends.

Inspired by what they had learned so far, the group expressed their desire to continue their study of Hilot.  Susan Regalado, who is a corporate secretary as well as a loving grandmother and mother, shared that the basic Hilot course enabled her to help her children and officemates, who immediately approach her for Hilot whenever they feel something not quite well with their bodies.

Students of traditional Hilot with Dr. Bibiano "Boy" Fajardo and ATHAG staff.
The students with Dr. Bibiano “Boy” Fajardo and ATHAG staff.

In addition, Susan shares that even her young granddaughter has taken to Hilot—when she gets home from work, her granddaughter would already be there waiting for her, and would prepare and position herself properly on the bed and tell her that she is ready for Lola’s hilot session. Due to her own enriching experiences, Susan wishes her children and friends would also take the course, so they too would come to understand the importance of Hilot in their daily lives and learn how to use herbal medicine for ailments that they may have.    


Do you also want to learn traditional Hilot healing?

ATHAG will be conducting the basic course on April 21, 23, 25, and 28, 2014 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Learning fee is Php 2,500.00 per participant. Slots are very limited and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. For inquiries and reservations, please email or use the contact form below.

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