ATHAG joins UHLPI Healing Mission in Concepcion Tarlac

ATHAG Hilot advocate Alex Candaza teaches family members how to do Hilot at home.
ATHAG Hilot advocate Alex Candaza teaches family members how to do Hilot at home.

CONCEPCION, Tarlac- The Association of Traditional Health Aid Givers Philippines Inc. (ATHAG), under the lead of founding president Dr. Bibiano Fajardo, took part in the healing mission organized by the United Healers League of the Philippines, Inc. (UHLPI) at Lunduyang Bayung Jerusalem in Brgy. Balutu on Sept. 6, 2014.  The activity was conducted to promote traditional and alternative healing modalities and to support the Traditional and Alternative Medicine (TAMA) Act.

Over 260 people flocked to the event to avail of the services offered during the healing mission. Some individuals came for a general health check-up, while others sought help for a variety of bodily aches and ailments. They were served by some 12 different healers practicing different traditional and alternative healing modalities.

ATHAG was assigned to one corner of the center. Dr. Fajardo gave a brief talk on Hilot and catered to questions from the public, while ATHAG manghihilot Maryflor Alvarez and Yolanda Pedrigal performed traditional Hilot. Hilot advocates Alex Candaza and Lope Tadios also provided Hilot sessions.

In addition to the free Hilot services, the people were also taught how to continue doing Hilot in their own homes to help relieve their condition. They were also advised on what herbal medicine is appropriate for them to take.


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