High blood pressure? Lower it naturally with Hilot!

High blood pressure? Lower it naturally with Hilot!
High blood pressure? Lower it naturally with Hilot!

PASIG CITY, Philippines- Do you have high blood pressure? Do you, like most people, think that high blood pressure is something that you will have to live with for the rest of your life?

Nowadays it is almost “normal” to have high blood pressure because so many people have it. But while many people are asking how to keep their blood pressure under control, nobody is asking the more important question, “Can high blood pressure return to normal?”

So we asked Dr. Bibiano Fajardo, longtime albularyo and doctor of alternative medicine who has been healing with traditional Hilot for almost 50 years. “Of course,” is his definite reply.  “It’s actually simple. You just have to know what is causing your blood pressure to rise, and then reverse it.”

Causes of high blood pressure

“High blood pressure can be caused by a number of factors,” explains Dr. Fajardo. “But lifestyle is the most important factor. According to the albularyos of old, 85% of illnesses begin with our digestive system—what we put into our body, and what goes (or does not) go out.”

The most familiar advice given to people with high blood pressure is to avoid fatty food. Dr. Fajardo echoes this reminder. “When you eat too much fat,” Dr. Fajardo explains, “the fat coagulates and lines your blood vessels. Over time, these fat deposits build up and thicken, reducing the diameter of your blood vessels. Because there is less room for the blood to flow through, your blood pressure rises.”

Another cause of high blood pressure, says Dr. Fajardo, is when you eat more protein and carbohydrates than your body can process. “When you do this,” he says, “you are setting yourself up for imbalances which eventually lead to high blood pressure. This is because excess protein become nitrogenous wastes, while excess carbohydrates cause your intestines to produce a lot of mucus. Both of these cause the blood to thicken. And when your blood thickens, your blood pressure rises.”

Other lesser known causes of high blood pressure, according to Dr. Fajardo, are kidney and lung issues. “When your kidney is functioning below normal levels, it cannot do its job of filtering the blood effectively. When the toxins in your blood are not filtered out, your blood pressure rises.”

“And when you have a lot of phlegm in your lungs,” he says, “this will affect the amount of oxygen that goes into the blood and can be used by your body. The lack of oxygen will affect the functioning of your organ systems, including your digestive system. This results in unprocessed food and toxins which go into your blood and cause high blood pressure.

The traditional way of lowering high blood pressure 

The traditional way of dealing with high blood pressure, says Dr. Fajardo, is to first identify which of the above issues is causing the blood pressure to rise. “In traditional Hilot healing,” Dr. Fajardo explains, “we look at the whole person, not just the specific discomfort or illness that he or she is seeking help for. We go to the root cause of the problem and address it from there.”

“By reading the pulse, and feeling specific areas on the person’s back, I can determine which of the person’s organs are imbalanced and need help,” says Dr. Fajardo. So we focus Hilot on those areas to strengthen those organs and help them function more efficiently. Further, we also instruct the person on what herbs to take to help “fix” those imbalanced organs and flush out excess toxins. When the main issue is fixed, blood pressure naturally goes back to normal.”

The secret to lasting healing    

“The harder part, however, is getting your blood pressure to remain normal after your Hilot healing program,” says Dr. Fajardo.

Why, you ask?

“Because it depends on YOU, and how much you are willing to change your attitudes, lifestyle, and habits to maintain the health of your body,” he replies. “We have been granted a very effective healing legacy from our ancestors,” he continues. “But if after you are healed, you go back to the same lifestyle that caused your illness in the first place, then after a while, the same illness(es) will come back. It will just be a vicious cycle, until you realize that the secret to lasting healing is YOU.”

Can anybody have Hilot for high blood pressure?

This is a question we are often asked, because there are people who would like to experience Hilot, but are worried because they have heard massage is bad for those with high blood pressure.

“First,” Dr. Fajardo clarifies, “Hilot is different from the ordinary relaxation massage because Hilot is a time-tested technology for restoring health to the body. We follow specific rules to aid the body in healing.”

“As for the Hilot session for a person with high blood pressure,” Dr. Fajardo continues, the question is when, because  each one of us has a different bodily makeup and health issues. For some people, we begin with the cleansing herbs first. And then when their condition has improved, that’s when we do  the Hilot. Meanwhile, for others, we do the Hilot and herbs simultaneously.”

Do you want to try Hilot to lower your blood pressure?

“If you choose to try traditional Hilot to address high blood pressure,” Dr. Fajardo reminds, “be sure to seek out a skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable practitioner or group who specializes in traditional Hilot healing, like the Association of Traditional Health Aid Givers Philippines, Inc. (ATHAG).

Take note that Hilot healing is different from the “Hilot massage” that is common these days—traditional Hilot healing requires  more knowledge, skills, and experience in terms of specific Hilot techniques and herbal medicine following the Filipino healing tradition, and this is what you need if you want to be healed.”




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