‘Tapatan ni Tunying,’ takes a closer look at traditional Hilot healing

Albularyo Bibiano Boy Fajardo explains the science behind Hilot on Tapatan ni Tunying
Screen grab from http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Tapatan-Ni-Tunying/812/

QUEZON CITY, Philippines- “In remote areas and provinces, people commonly turn to the Albularyo when they are sick or have body aches that they cannot explain. But does their kind of healing still have a place in the time of modern science?”

This was the question posed by TV host Anthony Taberna to his viewers on Sept. 25, 2015. The episode of his Friday afternoon show, ‘Tapatan ni Tunying,’ focused on traditional Hilot healing.

Two practicing Albularyo were featured in the episode. One was 68-year-old Nanay Lina of Pulong Buhangin, Bulacan, while the other was ATHAG president and longtime Albularyo Bibiano “Boy” Fajardo. The program showed Nanay Maria doing Hilot healing in the traditional, provincial setting. Meanwhile, “Mang Boy,” as he was referred to in the show, was interviewed in his office, where he explained the science behind traditional Hilot healing.

One of the highlights of the program was when host Anthony Taberna presented his painful shoulder to Mang Boy. To quickly relieve the pain, Mang Boy used an ancient Albularyo’s technique using orasyon, otherwise known as bulong. After just a few moments, Anthony Taberna tested his shoulder and was surprised to find that the pain, which he had been enduring for almost a year already, was gone.

Mang Boy explained that while this technique of using orasyon or bulong effectively relieves minor pains, the effect is only temporary. (However, this was not shown in the program) For the problem to be healed, Hilot and traditional herbal treatment should be done.

Also featured in the show were Mang Boy’s students at the GPH Clinic in Payatas, Quezon City. The moving force behind the GPH clinic, Dr. Carlos Haplasca, said that not all illnesses can be cured with synthetic drugs; sometimes, what is needed is really Hilot. He also said that traditional manghihilot have been practicing way before western medicine, and should be given due respect and support.


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