Lifestyle’s ‘The Green Mind’ highlights Mt. Banahaw, healing, and Hilot

Bibiano Fajardo talks about Banahaw on the Green Mind
Marco Lobregat, host of The Green Mind talks to Albularyo Bibiano “Boy” Fajardo about Mt. Banahaw.

BANAHAW, Quezon- Lush greenery welcomed the viewers of the ‘The Green Mind’ episode aired on November 25, 2015, which showcased the natural and mystical offerings of Mt. Banahaw. Modern Albularyo Bibiano “Boy” Fajardo, who has been going to the mountain for around forty years, guided host Marco Lobregat, along with his friends Anna Rabtsun and Wil Dasovich, through the trails and introduced them to the process of the Banahaw pilgrimage.


They first went to the twin falls of Sta. Lucia, because it represents the first phase of the journey, which is physical cleansing. Afterwards, they went through the phase of emotional cleansing, represented by Santong Jacob. Later, they then went to the cave of the guardians of the mountain, and later, to the cave of Ina ng Awa. When asked about her Banahaw experience, Anna Rabtsun said, “I’m in a tranquil kind of state… I think everybody has to do that…I feel that really cleansed me, I feel so light.”

In the latter part of the episode, Marco asked about healing. Albularyo Boy Fajardo explained that there are basically two sources of power for healing; one’s own energy, or the light from God. When asked by Marco whether everyone who goes through the experience is actually healed, he explained that people who are committed and want to heal themselves, get healed. Those who are very skeptical, he says, close their connection to the divine energy, so healing cannot come in.

Marco also asked about Hilot, and how it is different from massage. Albularyo Boy Fajardo explained that Hilot is “our ancestors way of bringing back balance and harmony to the individual.” He also pointed out that as healers, they are not the ones healing; they are just facilitators to people to start healing themselves.

In closing, Marco said that the episode was extra special for him because he had been wanting to go to Mt. Banahaw for years. He said, “it’s great because it ties in with pretty much everything we’ve been doing in the show. I think really in the end, when you think about going green, it’s about going back to nature and connecting basically to powers higher than us. So here in Mt. Banahaw we were able to experience all of that…we have the power to heal the world basically, but it all starts with ourselves.”

The Green Mind airs Wednesday nights at 9 on Lifestyle (Ch. 52 on SkyCable and Destiny Cable).


2 thoughts on “Lifestyle’s ‘The Green Mind’ highlights Mt. Banahaw, healing, and Hilot

  1. Hallo.. Musta Po?
    Have never been to Mt. Banahaw but would love to go with Dr. Fajardo in the future. Please let me know of any schedules with some group.
    Thank you very much..
    Yours truly,
    Johanna Ramos (joy)
    Regards to Dr. Fajardo ..from Joy, hope he still remembers me.. Suki and studied the Hilot.

    1. Hello po Ms. Joy! 🙂

      Kamusta na po kayo? Siyempre po naaalala namin kayo. 🙂

      Sige po sabihan po namin kayo kapag may pupunta sa Banahaw. Actually pupunta po kami dun ngayong Holy Week kaso po magtatrabaho din po kami. Sobrang daming tao din po doon nun kaya hindi po advisable kung gusto niyo ng relax na trip.

      Salamat po! 🙂

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