Museo Pambata partners try their hands on Hilot

Hilot seminar at Museo Pambata
Asst. Prof. Marie-Sol Hidalgo (right) explains to the participants how the body digests food using Museo Pambata’s Body Works exhibit. Joining them is MPFI Executive Director Maricel Montero. 

MANILA, Philippines- From Feb. 4 to 25, 2017, twelve participants learned traditional Hilot healing at the Learning Room of Museo Pambata. Most of the participants were from Museo Pambata’s partner organizations (Project Pearls and Unbound), while the rest were individuals interested in learning Hilot. Some students of Hilot from earlier ATHAG courses also dropped by during the training to listen in or give assistance.

During the training, the participants learned about the concepts and principles behind traditional Hilot healing and why developing goodness of heart is critical to becoming a healer in the Philippine tradition.   

The participants learned how to feel the back for indicators of imbalance. They also learned how to perform Hilot  to address these imbalances. On the last day, an assessment was held to determine how much the trainees had learned so far.

When asked what was the most important thing they learned from the training, some participants shared how they appreciated learning Hilot skills which they could perform for their families and friends, as well as those in their communities who need it. Meanwhile, others appreciated learning about the importance of being honest to themselves and sincere in all their dealings with other people.

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