San Felipe Hilot assessment and skills upgrading

Hilot skills upgrading at San Felipe Zambales
ATHAG manghihilot Yolanda Pedrigal observes as the trainees perform Hilot on each other.

SAN FELIPE, Zambales- As a follow up to the Hilot trainings held in 2016, the trainees of San Felipe were gathered on February 10, 2017 to assess where the students were in their study of Hilot. Participants were asked to share their experiences in applying what they had learned so far. They related stories about the people whom they had helped with Hilot and asked questions related to their study.  They were assessed on their Hilot skills and given feedback on how to improve their Hilot technique.

The following month, a skills upgrading was held to teach them the sequence for full-body Hilot and improve their documentation skills.


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