DZMM’s “Pinoy Vibes” tackles Hilot and the mind-heart-body connection

Pinoy vibes
Screengrab from Pinoy Vibes

QUEZON CITY, Philippines-Did you know that your health problems can be traced to your own undesirable traits and attitudes?

Well-known psychic Stargazer tackled the topic of the link between a person’s attitudes and his or her health problems in the episode of her program, “Pinoy Vibes,” on DZMM on August 6, 2017. Her guests on the show were longtime Albularyo Bibiano “Boy” Fajardo, ATHAG manghihilot Karisse Alzola and Yolanda Pedrigal, and Hilot advocates Louanne Mae Calipayan and Marie-Sol Hidalgo.

Albularyo Boy explained how traits and attitudes such as katangahan (stupidity), and kayabangan (arrogance/boastfulness), among others, eventually lead to health problems. The most basic, katangahan, leads to health problems because the person does not know what he/she is supposed to do to take care of his/her health. Meanwhile, kayabangan leads to health issues because arrogance or boastfulness makes a person engage in behaviors that push the body beyond its limits, which lead to imbalances. To be healthy, a person’s mind, emotions, and body should be in harmony.

In the latter part of the program, there was a demonstration of the Hilot way of determining imbalances in the body. Hilot, because it has its own ways of bringing harmony to the mind and emotions, and balance to the physical body, is important in identifying and addressing imbalances early, and restoring health of the whole person.    


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