How to Avoid Getting Sick

Want to know how to avoid getting sick? Read on!

PASIG CITY, Philippines- “Bawal magkasakit!” (It is forbidden to get sick!)  

This is the motto of many people, especially breadwinners, as they struggle daily to meet the pressures of work and the needs of their families. And it is no wonder why—getting sick not only means feeling unwell, it means taking time off work and losing much-needed income. Getting sick also means spending money on expensive lab tests and medicines, using up precious funds intended for  food, rent, and other necessities.

And as we get older, and our bodies become wearier and achier, it seems more and more of our hard-earned income goes to illness-related expenses. But is there are a way to avoid getting sick? How come our grandparents seemed to be much healthier than we are now?

We ask this question to longtime Albularyo Bibiano “Boy” Fajardo, who has been healing with traditional Hilot and medicinal plants for 49 years.

In response, Albularyo Boy shares a secret from his mentors: “According to the master Albularyo that I learned from, around 80% of diseases come from, or are related to, our panunaw, or digestion. So if we want to avoid getting sick, we should always keep our digestive system clean.”

Keeping it clean

“When we eat too much or too little of the nutrients that our body needs, imbalances happen,” Albularyo Boy explains. When we eat too much rice and sweets every day, for example, the excess carbohydrates lead to the formation of mucus in the intestines, where harmful microorganisms happily thrive and multiply, and eventually cause illness. Meanwhile, if we eat too much protein, we get a lot of uric acid, which, given time, will form deposits and cause us pain.”

But how do we keep our digestive system clean?

“The key to keeping the digestive system clean,” Albularyo Boy explains, “is to eat the right kind, as well as amount of food, and take in sufficient water, for our level of activity. If we consistently eat just the right amount of nutritious food, every day, then there will be no excess sugars to cause spikes in blood sugar levels, no excess protein to cause uric-acid related pains, no excess salts to cause kidney stones, no excess fat to block our blood vessels. If we consistently drink enough water, we will be regularly eliminating wastes from the body.”

How do we know that we are taking in the right amount?

“Listen to your body,” Albularyo Boy counsels. “Each one of us has different requirements. Pay attention to how much is just right for you.”

Cleansing the system

But what if we have already had years of unhealthy eating and are already suffering from the effects of our bad habits? Is there still anything we can do now?

“Yes,” Albularyo Boy says. “Our elders combined several effective medicinal plants into a formula for cleansing the digestive system. It helps with digestion and eliminates the buildup of toxins in our intestines. This is most effective when taken in tandem with regular Hilot sessions. The Hilot sessions help to flush waste products and toxins from the muscles, and improves organ and body function. Hilot also detects and addresses developing imbalances, and helps to restore health.”

So what happens after the cleanse?

“For the average cleanse (done over 21 days, for people with no serious diseases or conditions), the people who come to us usually report a feeling of lightness and improved well-being,” Albularyo Boy explains. “Minor pains are usually gone, and more serious pains are significantly lessened. Blood chemistry results also improve. And when the habitat of harmful microorganisms is gone, you are less susceptible to infections. Your overall health is much better.”

However, for people with more serious conditions, such as those who opt for traditional Hilot healing instead of bypass and other surgeries, the cleansing and Hilot program can take a longer period.

A new beginning

Albularyo Boy points out that the cleansing that traditional Hilot and medicinal plants affords is just a new beginning.

“For it to remain this way is up to you,” says Albularyo Boy. “Your lifestyle and habits have led you to these health issues. There has to be a change afterwards, if you want the results to last. If you go back to your old habits and lifestyle, your problems will also come back.”

*If you would like to try a traditional digestive cleansing program, call the Association of Traditional Health Aid Givers Philippines, Inc. (ATHAG) at (0932)7402285.


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