Lineage is very important in the Hilot tradition. Healing wisdom, techniques, and knowledge of herbs are mainly handed down through family lines and/or long apprenticeship with highly knowledgeable and experienced healers.

Our work continues the Hilot healing practice and teaching of Maestro Bibiano “Boy” S. Fajardo (1944-2018), the Albularyo and Manghihilot who initiated and mentored us into the Filipino healing arts. His expertise was the result of a natural gift for healing, further honed by years of immersion with, and learning from, traditional practitioners from Mt. Banahaw, Rizal, Cavite, and Batangas, as well as healers from different parts of the country.

He pioneered the advocacy for the recognition of Hilot as a mainstream healing system rooted in scientific principles and natural laws, and developed a way to teach it in order to bring its healing wisdom to more people. He also developed a Hilot Wellness sequence for the spa based on traditional healing principles and techniques.

We started working together under the Association of Traditional Health Aid Givers, Inc. (ATHAG), which was founded in 2005 by Maestro Boy and Ms. Aleli Pansacola together with dedicated Hilot practitioners and advocates. ATHAG provided traditional Hilot healing services in Pasig City, and worked with LGUs and NGOs to teach traditional Hilot and herbal healing to communities. ATHAG was also instrumental in the re-popularization of Hilot in urban areas through its work with the Philippine Spa Association, Department of Tourism (DOT), the Technical Skills Development Authority (TESDA), and the Philippine Institute for Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC).         

Drawing from the wealth of lessons and experience we gained from our work with ATHAG, we established the Maharlikang Bahay-Inaralan ng Sining at Agham ng Hilot, Inc. (MABISAH) in 2016 to further build on Maestro Boy’s community curriculum.

In 2019, the Boy Fajardo Hilot Corporation was established to continue providing traditional Hilot services and care. Together with ATHAG, it will help ensure that traditional Hilot healing services will be available to those who need it, especially in highly-urbanized Metro Manila, where authentic Hilot practitioners are hard to find.  

“I just finished my first ever Hilot session! I never had the chance to try this traditional Filipino hilot, mainly because there aren’t good manghihilot in Manila. So yay for access! I learned more about the current imbalance my body is undergoing. Thank you so much for such a lovely experience! “

Kara C.