Services offered

ATHAG promotes Hilot as a scientific, mainstream healing modality through:

(1) Teaching traditional Hilot-Herbal healing. ATHAG conducts training programs on traditional Hilot-Herbal healing to spread knowledge about this ancient Filipino practice and ensure its continuity for the sake of future generations. These training programs are usually community-based, with the aim of providing livelihood opportunities for the trainees, in addition to valuable knowledge on how to maintain health. ATHAG also provides assistance in organizing newly-trained Hilot therapists.

Recently, Comprehensive Traditional  Hilot was included as part of the curriculum of the naturopathy students of the Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Practitioners (PINS) and the Family Life and Wellness Institute (FLWI). 

(2) Traditional healing through Hilot and Herbs. For individuals who wish to regain their health through traditional Hilot and Herbal treatment, the ATHAG office is open to serve you. 

Here, you will experience:

  • traditional Hilot diagnosis through pulse reading (pagpulso) and scanning of the back (pagkapa sa likod), among others; 
  • traditional Hilot applied by trained ATHAG Hilot therapists;
  • traditional Filipino herbal treatment;
  • diet advice (which foods to eat or avoid);
  • advice on lifestyle (things to do or avoid) and
  • health monitoring.

For those who wish to consult Dr. Fajardo, it is best to set an appointment before going to the ATHAG office.

(3) ATHAG Hilot Wellness Sequence. If you are basically healthy, but would like to experience the healing benefits of Hilot, you may also visit the office for the ATHAG Hilot Wellness Sequence. This sequence was designed by Dr. Fajardo according to the principles of traditional Hilot, so in itself, it is also healing.  

One advantage of the ATHAG Hilot Wellness Sequence, because it is basically Hilot and encompasses the entire body, is that specific areas prone to imbalance (or are already in the beginning stages of imbalance) are identified and duly addressed.

(4) Training of spa therapists on the ATHAG Hilot Wellness Sequence. Spas that would like to offer authentic Hilot Wellness services may contact ATHAG to set up a training program for their therapists.

(5) Spreading the word about Hilot through seminars, the internet, and other media. Dr. Fajardo and ATHAG welcome opportunities to explain the science of Hilot through seminars, lecture-demonstrations, radio and TV guestings, and others.


10 thoughts on “Services offered

  1. Hello Mam, Sir, Can I have a consultation appointment this coming March when I come home from UAE? 3rd or 4 week of MArch if possible.
    Also interested in Training . Please adivse.

    • Hello Sir,

      We will be happy to see you in our office when you come home from the UAE. 🙂
      You can just call our office to set an appointment when it is most convenient for you to visit.

      Thank you!

    • Magandang araw po Roian,

      Salamat sa pagbisita ng site namin. 🙂

      Para magpasched ng Hilot, mas maganda pong tumawag kayo sa opisina namin sa (0922) 884 4568 (02) 267 4012 para malaman natin kung kailan kayo pwede. 🙂

      Kung gusto niyo po magpatingin muna kay Dr. Fajardo bago magpahilot, sabihin niyo din po para maayos din natin ang schedule niyo na andun siya.

      Maraming salamat! 🙂

  2. We saw appearance of Dr Boy in TNT last Friday, we are amazed on what he did with ka tunying. Im also suffering from shoulder pain about couple of years now, can we set appointment with him for consultation and hilot session if possible this coming Tuesday/Wednesday sept28/29. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Ariel,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. Have you already been to our office?

      In case you haven’t, I just want to clarify that what Sir Boy did is an ancient technique to relieve pain using bulong/oracion. Yes, it is very effective, but it is only temporary. What is really needed to relieve the pain is Hilot and herbs, along with necessary changes in lifestyle.

      In case you haven’t been to our office yet, please do call before you come. Our numbers, address, and directions can be found at this link:

      Thank you very much!

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