“Hilot Wellness”

Hilot Wellness” began when the spa industry in the Philippines blossomed in the early 2000s. As more Filipinos discovered the spa lifestyle, there was a need for a uniquely Filipino treatment that spas could offer along on their menu of services.

And so “Hilot Wellness” was born. As a holistic system of healing, traditional Hilot is actually perfectly suited to the spa, with its aim of encouraging change in the individual’s body, mind, and spirit.

To meet the needs of the industry, Dr. Fajardo and ATHAG began teaching the ATHAG Hilot Wellness Sequence in 2005. They trained spa therapists on the proper way of performing Hilot, according to natural laws and principles. They also taught spa therapists about the interconnection of a person’s physical health to the state of his emotional and spiritual health.

The Hilot Wellness Sequence that Dr. Fajardo developed for an hour-long treatment session was purposely designed to identify problematic areas and facilitate the flow of neuroelectrical energy in the body, which is the main aim of Hilot. And because the Hilot Wellness Sequence  employs the same methods and principles as traditional Hilot, the sequence as taught by Dr. Fajardo and ATHAG has one main advantage over standard spa treatments.

While the usual spa treatment is  designed mainly for relaxation, the ATHAG Hilot Wellness Sequence has healing benefits.  While performing the sequence, the therapist can identify which parts of the body are prone to imbalance (or are already beginning to show signs of imbalance), and will focus on it.

 Traditional Hilot and Hilot Wellness

On one hand, the entry of Hilot into the spa industry was good, because it revived interest in Hilot, especially in urban areas where very few people know or have access to it.

On the other hand, however, Hilot’s rise in popularity in the spa industry has also attracted many players who are not actually knowledgeable on traditional Hilot, but want to join in on the Hilot bandwagon.

As a result, there are those who perform ordinary massage which do not follow traditional Hilot principles, but label it as “Hilot.” Unfortunately, this reinforced the view that Hilot is no more than just a type of massage. This is also a cause of concern, because there are people who go to the spa hoping for relief from their aches and pains (as one would expect with real Hilot), but come out from the treatment even worse off, because the manipulations they received were far from the real practice of Hilot.  

Hilot Wellness, when performed correctly and according to the principles of traditional Hilot healing, truly improves an individual’s well-being. One just needs to make sure that the therapist who will perform it is well-trained, and has experience in applying this treatment modality.



If you would like to experience authentic Hilot Wellness, call the  Association of Traditional Health Aid Givers, Inc. (ATHAG) at Tel. (0922)8844568 or (+632) 637 5154, or visit their office at 63 San Rafael St., Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

12 thoughts on ““Hilot Wellness”

  1. Hello po .. im from bulacan .. gusto ko sana pahilot anak ko … baby pa sya … masakit kc braso nya at nhirapan sya igalaw kaya naisip ko baka may pilay sya …

    • Hi Melody,

      Pwede naman po hilutin ang baby. Yun nga lang po medyo malayo po kayo sa amin pala. Baka po may magaling na manghihilot na mas malapit na inyo na nanghihilot ng bata. Subukan niyo po magtanong-tanong. 🙂 Salamat po!

  2. Gd pm po. Palagi pong masakit ang lower back ko. Bukas po ba kayo pag sundays at until what time po

    • Hi Rochelle,

      Opo, naghihilot po kami ng mga nais mabuntis. Punta lang po kayo sa aming opisina. Pinakamabuti po kung tatawag po muna kayo at magpaappointment kay Sir Boy para po masuri niya kayo bago kayo hilutin. Salamat po!

  3. Good Morning. Kagagaling ko lang po maraspa after ko makunan. Makatutulong po ba ang hilot na makaigi sa akin upang maiwasan ang binat. Pwede rin po ba ako magpatulong kung sakaling nais ko mabuntis muli at maiwasan na makunan. Salamat po

    • Magandang araw po Stephanie,

      Opo, makakatulong po ang Hilot sa inyo dahil po aayusin po natin ang mga laman at ugat na may kinalaman sa reproductive system niyo. Kasama po ang hilot din sa regular na pangangalaga sa ating katawan, at makakatulong kung nais niyo po mabuntis. Salamat po.

  4. Good pm. May opera po ako sa binti. may isang taon na po yung opera. Ngayon po yung paa ko naman ang sumasakit. Sabi ng doktor plantar fasciitis daw. nag tetherapy po koa ngayon pero parang hindi nawawala ang sakit. nahihilot po ba yun?

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Salamat po sa interes niyo sa Hilot.
      Sa Hilot po kasi may sarili tayong paraan ng pagtukoy ng problema. Pinakamabuti po kung magpunta po kayo sa opisina at ipasuri kay Sir Boy kung bakit po sumasakit ang inyong paa. Ang amin pong number ay nasa “Contact Us” sa site na ito. Salamat po!

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