Is herbal medicine effective? Find out the reasons why it may not be working as well as you'd hoped.

Is herbal medicine effective?

PASIG CITY, Philippines- With the resurgence of interest in natural ways of healing, a wide variety of herbal teas, capsules, and powders are being aggressively marketed to the public. Garden centers, for their part, are faced with an increasing demand for medicinal plants. Some health-conscious consumers are quick to jump in on the bandwagon, immediately … Continue reading Is herbal medicine effective?

Participants observe ATHAG Hilot Therapist Karisse Alzola demonstrating basic Hilot techniques.

Grandmas, mothers, and daughters learn traditional Hilot healing

PASIG CITY, Philippines- Ten women, brought together by a common interest in learning traditional Hilot healing, enthusiastically joined the crash course on the basics of traditional Hilot healing that ATHAG conducted in February and March 2014. The diverse group was composed of homemakers and ladies from different fields who wished to learn traditional Hilot so … Continue reading Grandmas, mothers, and daughters learn traditional Hilot healing