The Maharlikang Bahay-Inaralan ng Sining at Agham ng Hilot, Inc. (MABISAH) was founded by Maestro BibianoBoy” Fajardo in 2016 together with like-minded educators and Hilot advocates. It aims to further build on the curriculum developed by Maestro Boy and the lessons learned from decades of experience in teaching Hilot to develop new Hilot practitioners.

Firmly anchored on the principle of respect for tradition while making it more accessible and relevant to the times, MABISAH offers introductory seminars and short courses on basic traditional Hilot and health care for individuals, families, communities, practitioners of other modalities, and other audiences.

We also offer more intensive training for those who wish to go into Hilot wellness as a career, as well as those who wish to pursue PITAHC certification in Hilot.   

Originally housed at Nature Villa Banahaw (now Banahaw Circle Nature Retreat) in Brgy. Sta Lucia, Dolores, Quezon, MABISAH is currently transitioning online to continue bringing the Hilot tradition into the digital era.


We offer introductory seminars on traditional Hilot and health care for those who wish to learn more about Hilot and how to take care of their health the traditional way.


We offer trainings designed to equip students with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to perform basic traditional Hilot for wellness and health.


For those who wish to go into Hilot as a career, we offer a more comprehensive training that is aligned with PITAHC’s National Competency Standards for Hilot.

The Hilot Healing course provided by Dr. Fajardo and his assistant instructors greatly exceeded my expectations. As an experienced manual therapist of twenty years, having gone on many international courses to further my understanding of hands-on healing, including courses in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and China, I did not know what to expect from my trip to the Philippines and my study of Hilot.

Originally I thought there would be much overlap between the modalities I had already studied, especially in the massage domain. I was surprised to learn that Hilot is not just massage, but a complete form of medicine with many branches, including massage, herbal medicine, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality. It has an extensive theoretical foundation in physiology and pathology (although very different from the Western approach). As an engineer, Dr. Fajardo has given satisfying explanations that, for me, demystified much of the theory I had already learned through other Eastern healing modalities. The theories expounded in his Hilot approach were traditional and unadulterated from their ages-old practice, but Dr. Fajardo was able to explain them in terms of science. I would say this course would not disappoint anyone who is sincerely interested in learning about healing on a deep level.

Mark Maslen, B.A., R.Ac., RMT   
London, ON, Canada