ATHAG conducts Hilot healing and presentation in Bukidnon

Malaybalay, Bukidnon– ATHAG conducted a Hilot healing mission and presentation in this cool mountainous city on August 17-20, 2013. Dr. Bibiano “Boy” Fajardo, with the assistance of ATHAG Hilot therapist Karen Reyes, introduced the science behind Hilot healing to the monks and nuns of the Monastery of the Transfiguration in Brgy. San Jose, City of Malaybalay.

Dr. Bibiano “Boy” Fajardo and ATHAG were invited by Fr. Columbano Adag, O.S.B., the Subprior of the monastery, who wished that the other monks and nuns in the monastery would also experience the healing benefits of Hilot that he himself had experienced.

Fr. Adag’s story of healing

Fr. Columbano Adag introduces Dr. Bibiano Fajardo to the monks at the monastery.
Fr. Columbano Adag introduces Dr. Bibiano Fajardo to the monks at the monastery.

In March of this year, Fr. Adag had travelled to Manila to attend the launch of Go Negosyo’s book, “50 Inspiring Stories of Agri-Entrepreneurs,” in which the monastery was featured because of its very successful Monk’s Blend Premium Coffee.

But on the morning of the ceremony, Fr. Adag was in severe pain, which left him unable to even get up from his bed. His host, a friend of Dr. Fajardo, sought the latter’s assistance, knowing that Dr. Fajardo would be able to help him. Due to distance and time constraints, however, Dr. Fajardo could not go all the way to Alabang, where Fr. Adag was staying. So instead, he employed a traditional Hilot distance healing technique which temporarily lessened the pain (and enabled Fr. Adag to take part in the ceremonies), with strict instructions that Fr. Adag should be brought to ATHAG the day after.

On the following day, Fr. Adag arrived at the ATHAG office. He had to be carried up the stairs, because the pain was back in full force. After determining the cause of Fr. Adag’s pain (severe arthritis and weakened kidneys), Dr. Fajardo put him on a Hilot-Herbal program.

Several Hilot sessions later, Fr. Adag was already able to walk. After around two months of Hilot-Herbal treatment, Fr. Adag was already running up the stairs of the monastery, much to the astonishment of monks and nuns who were used to seeing him slowly make his way around with the aid of a walker.

Inspired by his remarkable recovery, Fr. Adag  made arrangements in the monastery and the people of Malaybalay so he could bring Dr. Fajardo and the science of Hilot to their mountainous city.

Hilot presentation and healing

Dr. Bibiano Fajardo explains Hilot while ATHAG Hilot therapist Karen Reyes demonstrates.
Dr. Bibiano Fajardo explains how Hilot is done as ATHAG Hilot therapist Karen Reyes demonstrates.

In the morning of August 17, Dr. Fajardo presented the art and science of Hilot-Herbal healing to an audience of ten monks and their hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Ramos. During his lecture, Dr. Fajardo integrated the diagnosis of the participants’ ailments, and ATHAG Hilot therapist Karen proceeded with the Hilot treatment. The same process was also done in the afternoon for the nuns of the monastery.

On the following day, August 18, several patients came up to Dr. Fajardo after the Sunday mass ended, at around 10:00 a.m. While Karen performed Hilot on some of the monks, Dr. Fajardo attended to the people who came to him for help with their ailments.

One of the people who sought out Dr. Fajardo was an 81 y.o. widow named Alice, whose hand was in a wrist brace. According to Alice, she had been wearing the brace for some eight months already. She could not move her hand because of severe pain. She had been advised to undergo surgery, she said, but she did not have the amount needed for the surgery and the physical therapy that would be required afterwards. Dr. Fajardo took a look at her hand, asked her to take off the brace, and proceeded to perform Hilot. After about 20 minutes of Hilot, Alice was overjoyed to find that she could already move her hand because the pain had considerably lessened. Dr. Fajardo instructed her how to prepare slices of ginger and apply it to her hand to aid in healing.

In the afternoon, Dr. Fajardo and Karen went to their second host, the family of Mrs. Nena Ma, where they also performed Hilot treatment on family members.

Hilot seminar and possible partnerships

Dr. Bibiano Fajardo performs traditional Hilot on a patient in Bukidnon.
Dr. Bibiano Fajardo performs traditional Hilot on a patient in Bukidnon.

On their third day in Malaybalay, Dr. Fajardo conducted a day-long Hilot seminar at the Cathedral for members of the diocese who were interested in Hilot.  In between lectures and demonstrations, Dr. Fajardo also attended to people who came in for healing.

In the morning of the following day, Dr. Fajardo and officers of the local health department explored possibilities of conducting further Hilot trainings in the area through a formal partnership with ATHAG.

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